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bromer kunst summer party on Friday 30th of June at 7 pm

bromer kunst summer party


bromer kunst is looking forward to celebrate a summer party with you on June 30th. Accompanied with music and Spanish cuisine you will have the chance to visit the current exhibitions «Rudolf Häsler – Retrospective» and «Roland Fürst – Nature photography» together with the curators. Furthermore, on the occasion of this anticipated closing event, the 476 page artist monograph about Rudolf Häsler, which is being launched by bromer edition is going to be presented for the first time. The book «Rudolf Häsler – Ein Weltbürger» can be acquired at the summer party or on request.


In good weather the event will take place outdoors. Bromer kunst’s facilities and Blockhaus Experimental Space will be accessible until 23 pm, so that the exhibitions can be visited during the feast. 


Moreover, the summer party initiates the process of an annex building, that is going to be build on the upper floor of the gallery and will provide further 160 square meter exhibition space. 



The party takes places on Friday 30th of June at 7 pm at bromer kunst’s facilities, Landstrasse 53 in 4914 Roggwil



Please confirm if you want to attend to the event until June 27th online: www.bromer-kunst.ch/rsvp via E-Mail: kunst@bromer.ch or by phone: +41 62 918 10 80 



Rudolf Häsler - Retrospective


prolonged until 16th of July 2017


Rudolf Häsler (1927-1999) was born in Interlaken and can be considered as one of the most autonomous Swiss artists of the 20th century. As part of the Cuban Revolutionary Government the painter was appointed national director of arts and crafts. Succeeding Che Guevara he held the second highest position as a foreigner within the government. Towards the end oft he 60s the painting, design and graphic artist withdrew from Cuba. Together with his family he left for Spain, from where he travelled around the world. In the 70s, Häsler developed a meticulous Realism, which is likely to be assigned to the Hyperrealistic genre of painting. His nonpareil artistic oeuvre allows parallels to be made to Franz Gertsch, Ralph Goings or Antonio López Garcia.


Rudolf Häsler’s beginning in painting, his first works as an independent painter during his journeys to northern Africa, his works under the influence of the Caribbean sun, his incomparable prints and, of course, his extensive photorealistic oeuvre: The retrospective exhibition follows the various stages of Rudolf Häsler’s life. bromer kunst intended to present Häsler’s biography connected to his artistic output. Therefor, the thoughts written down by Häsler during his entire lifetime guide the visitors through the exhibition and comment his works. Selected works by Rudolf Häsler, which can be purchased. 


The documentary about Rudolf Häsler entitled «Coca-Castro» is the highlight of the exhibition and a résumé of the investigations that lasted for the last two years. The film was shot in Switzerland, Cuba and Spain. The voice oft he Bernese actor Marcus Signer («Der Goali bin ig») describes the historical background of the Cuban Revolution, using Rudolf Häsler’s own texts. Furthermore, prominent personalities contextualize Häsler’s life: The photographer Luc Chessex, Häsler’s family members, his artist-colleague Alfredo Sosabravo and other contemporary witnesses from northern Africa, Cuba and Barcelona give an account of his vita.


Look at our exhibition magazine


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The documentary about Rudolf Häsler (1927-1999) entitled «Coca-Castro» portrays the artist's eventful life and his nonpareil artistic oeuvre. Directed by Christian Herren and Daniel Bleuer. During the retrospective-exhibition about Rudolf Häsler, the documentary «Coca-Castro» is screened in full length in the auditorium of bromer kunst until the 16th of July.




In Blockhaus Experimental Space:

Naturfotografien von Roland Fürst


12.05.17 bis 16.07.17


„Nature Photography by Roland Fürst“: The title already reveals that the exhibition taking place at Blockhaus Experimental Space does not highlight Roland Fürst’s political sphere as a federal councillor from Solothurn, but his artistic side. 


Nature photography refers to a wide range of photography taken outdoors and devotedhttp://www.bromer-kunst.ch/de/exhibitions-and-events/bromer-experimental-space to displaying natural elements such as landscapes. Nature photography tends to put a stronger emphasis on the aesthetic value of the photo than other photography genres, such as photojournalism and documentary photography. Roland Fürst’s photography is characterised by bright, saturated colours, field depth and precision. His work juxtaposes photography as an accurate reproduction of reality and photography as a highly expressive art form.


bromer kunst’s Blockhaus gallery is showing Fürst’s picture for the first time from Mai 12th to July 16th 2017.